In some recent photos, I’ve seen magnets being used to hold type in place on the bed of a proof press. I imagine they have to be pretty strong, right? Anyone do this? What kind of magnets do you use?

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what you have seen are probably “Galley Magnets” which are used to keep type forms in line on steel galleys. They are quite strong, and a version of them is offered by NA Graphics.

I think it was a quick way of proofing small jobs or a few lines of type without locking it into chase not for doing print runs.
It would be 30 years ago last time I saw this. I was machinist not a compositor hope this is some help.

Here in the UK, the magnets we used some 20 yrs ago were about 4 inch x 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch, and used mainly when setting a deep page of type. As the composing stick became full the compositor would transfer the type to the galley, place a piece of furniture at the foot and then the magnet, then resume setting into the stick, and continue the process until the page was complete.

And here on the Continent, we use them as well and can still buy brand new ones from Drucken-und-Lernen. Nice strong German magnets.

image: Picture 2.png

Picture 2.png

Cool, thanks for all the info.

Speaking of holding type in place, how many remember tying the type with a string to hold it together sliding onto the stone or galley? I can remember practicing it at home for several days because at first I couldn’t “get the feel” for tying it right. Ron