Letterpress Classes NY

So after only using a letterpress my last 2 semesters in college I can’t stop thinking about them.

Thinking about perhaps taking a weekend class to get familiar again and see what comes from it, how I feel.

I live about 2 hours North of NYC.

About 40 minutes to my NW there is some place that has classes at time but their prices were something like $750 for 3 or 4 days.

In NYC the prices were more like $250 for 2 days.

I am wondering if anyone has taken classes in the NY tri-state area and can tell me their experience.

The two location in the city that I was looking at classes are Center for Books Arts, and Studio on the Square.

I am also thinking about where I went to college, SUNY Purchase, they have a full Offset and Lettpress printing ‘shop’ in the basement but only seem to give one Lettpress class a semester (weekday = work), but possibly if I contact them, being an alumni, I can see if there is a possibility of using the presses…..

Or if you know other places where they offer weekend classes that you recommend, I am in Dutchess County NY 40 minutes West of CT, 20 minutes South of New Paltz.


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I took a class with the Center for Book Arts over 5+ years ago. It was great, though, and I’d highly recommend it. Check out the instructor before signing up, but I think they’re all pretty competent teachers.

I would recommend Alan Runfeldt! He’s not in NYC, but Frenchtown, NJ. That might be a little bit further, but worth it! My husband and I live closer, and took a class with him in april and have been back regularly to visit and talk about our presses. You can pretty much schedule a class at any time with him to suit your schedule.
Here’s his website:

Weekend classes, that wolud be 2 coffees and 2 muffins. Excelsior Press in Frenchtown, NJ, Alan is a good teacher, he has a good selection of presses you can see running, Frenchtown is near Philly, PA i think. Did you pass on the 3x5? I think you are better off getting some instruction first, In Chicopee, MA is Letterpress Things, John Barrett has a letterpress store, only open every other weekend, he sells presses and tools for letterpress, Chicopee is near Worcester, MA, a bit closer to you than me. Good Luck Dick G. ( i can almost taste that muffin)

We also have one day intro and advanced classes here at The Arm.

And if you are looking for something a bit longer I teach a 10 week class each semester in the studio at Cooper Union which is open to the public.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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thanks all for the suggestions

@dickg hahaha how did you know I make a good blueberry muffin, actually oatmeal blueberry but close

I think that from where I am the city is the easiest, brooklyn just gets a tad more complicated also - a straight drive to manhattan depending on traffic I can do in just under 2 hours so a class that starts at 10 and ends at 4 is good.

The other places sound good too thank you but it may be hard with work and the kittens etc.

I took the 2 day Polymer & the Platen press class with Amber at the Center for Book Arts in NYC. It only covers polymer, but it if that’s what you’re interested in its a good way to get you started.


I also give Introduction to letterpress lessons in my studio. Easy access off Route 95 in CT. You can check us out at our website: www.perennialdesigns.net


Thanks folks

@john I think 95 depending where at is a little off from me I’m North of 84

I saw an upcoming Saturday class at Studio on the Square, and am considering that since i am free that day and would give me a chance to get reacquainted with the presses, type ink, cleaning up ;)

Just have to to figure about the funds….

Why don’t you pack a tent and come to Hanson, were on a pond (for the man in your life) great bass fishing, don’t forget my muffins. John Falstrom has a great shop, he would be a good guy to learn from (even though he’s a lot older than me) Dick G.

I took a course in Kingston, Ontario - is that too far away?
$185 for 2 days, it was fantastic :)

Also, I was just at Type Camp in Buffalo.
WNYBAC - see if they have any courses.