Help with 10 x 15 Chandler & Price

I need some help taking off the wheel on the left side of the frame. I’ve tried heat, penetrating oil, and all sorts of ideas. I can’t get the pin removed. I’ve tried going to the other side and taking off the gear but that pin seems to be ridiculously stuck as well.

Any ideas?

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Is this an “L” shaped rectangular pin driven in like a wedge horizontally into the end of the shaft and wheel? If so, you need to get a “wedge” or “Banana knife” (a wedge shaped like a scimitar) and install it between the “L” and the shaft. Hammering the wedge will extract the pin.

I think you are talking about the ‘small head and lock cam’ wheel. This is pressed on to the ‘main shaft’. The right way to take it off is with a puller. Attempting to remove it with hammers, pry bars, etc often harm the press- long before the wheel is off. The key(pin) is NOT what is holding the cam wheel on the shaft. Pullers are usualy available at tool rentals.
Are you doing this to move the press?

Try heating the flywheel where it mounts the shaft with a cold wet wash rag on each side of the shaft, this has worked for me in the past, the rags act as a slight heat sink and there is a temperature differential set up in the parts. This will let one expand a little more than the other and should help, it has for me in the past.

C&Ps generally have a gib head key holding the flywheel and pinion gear onto the main shaft. It is a tapered key, and it must be freed before the flywheel will come off; trying to pull the gear past the key with a gear puller will just tighten things. If the key is stuck, you drive the pinion or flywheel toward the frame, away from the thick end of the wedge, freeing the key. You may still need to dress the shaft to pull the wheel or gear off. The ends are often battered.
You should mark where the pinion and main gear line up. for re-timing it, if you intend to use a treadle.

I wanted to share this link to a company named Flywheel Supply for anyone who is looking for a key puller for the gib key that is on the gear side. I tried everything under the sun to remove my key and it would not budge until I got ahold of this thing. The key came off in 30 seconds. Only $25, get the item number off the picture.

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