another crazy kid restoring a kelsey 5x8

hello! before i begin my tale, photos can be found for what i’m referencing on my flickr stream mertinspics

i’m attempting to bring this press back to life. i haven’t cleaned it yet, just trying to acquire the pieces that are missing and oiling the cobwebs off.

but there’s a curiosity i’m hoping someone can help me with.

it’s about the part on the platen where the gripper bar lives and the grippers. it seems the square bar is correct for this press but the hole it goes through on the platen is round. that can’t be correct, can it? the diagram i see online as well as in photos haven’t helped me figure this out.

so, the gripper that’s on it is stuck in it’s position which seems like it will be a hindrance when printing (some day!). also, the gripper bar spring is broken off. so far, it’s too rusty to see how this spring attaches to the bar.

i was hoping i wouldn’t have to remove the platen by messing with that spring. but is the bar supposed to slide out once the spring is removed? it doesn’t budge.

i intend to only clean the rust off the old gal as best i can using the tips i’ve learned here. vinegar and lemon juice only!

ok, guess that’s it! thanks in advance for any help offered.

image: handle.jpg


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oops, was nervous about posting a url but here it is:[email protected]/sets/72157624675043076

I believe the square gripper bar is correct. I had the same model Kelsey in the 1970s and the gripper bar was missing. Kelsey sent a square one just like this. The gripper bar will slide out when the broken piece of spring wire is pulled out.

The spring wire is simply set into a hole in the gripper bar.

wonderful news arie! thanks for the response. now, i will more confidently tackle that spring wire.