Kluge won’t feed

I had a 12x18 Kluge moved today and when they were doing the prep, they pulled off one of the hoses towards the bottom and it broke.

I ran to lowes and grabbed another hose with 5/8” dia and it seems to fit great.

Problem is, now the press won’t pick paper off the tray like there’s no suction. When I trace things back, it’s not even the same hose that I replaced that works the feeder.

Could something have been bumped to turn off or reduce suction?

Thx for the input.

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I have the same press, the lever to start the paper feed can pull out on the bottom and will keep the air from going to the suckers, it could be lots of things. Good Luck Dick G.

think I figured it out. I put on a rubber hose that’s not rated for vacuum. Tracking down a vacuum hose to test now…


i’ ve used a garden hose in a pinch. Dick G.

I measured my hose/tubing the outside diameter is 1 inch the inside diameter is 3/4 inch. Try and find soething close to that size. Also check to see if the filter is clogged. here are some pictures as per our discussion.

thx…pics didn’t come through…

casmit, give me your email address and I will send them directly to you

these are the current feet I’m using, but I’m replacing the metal feeder feet with #3 suction feet and replacing the delivery feet with a #3 as well. 220lb lettra. Should that do it?

These guys won’t even pick it up.

image: kluge.JPG


these sucker feet have a slight curve or radius to them. the 220 is not flexible enough to match this. any rubber tip will work better for your 220. these suckers work excellent for very light weight paper. you may find that by grinding then filing them flat, (a clean file will yield a nice smooth surface). they become a much better “all-around” sucker. the flattened ones though will tend to double feed the light stock though. the ones you already hve on the delivery should be a good choice.

Dave Churchman has supplies you will need. [email protected]

Are the valves at the conjunction of each pair of hoses on the feeder arm open? I can’t tell from the picture.

top valve is screwed all the way in….bottom one screwed all the way out (out is suppose to be closed)

I was trying to get more suction on the inner two feet

I did a quick test and the tubes move air if those screws are screwed in or out. Must not work anymore.

Is there another way to shut off air to the outer feet?

You could put some tope over the bottoms fo the feet to block the air flow.

Pull the hoses off the outer feet then run one hose in a loop from one side of the valve to the other. Remove the two feet your not using. Good Luck Dick G.

Dick…lol. That’s an awesome idea.

Still trying to track down those sucker feet.

If you can’t find the succer feet you could use a flat sucker or a thin piece of rubber double sided tape it to your feet (first cut a hole in it ) . NA Graphics has kluge suckers and maybe some other parts. Good Luck Dick G.

Casmit, the suckers and feet are available at suckers.com
go to the printing section scroll to bottom and click the online catalog then go to page 4. Part 54 a and b are good for heavy stock. I just used them for manila folders and they fed wonderfully. They also have side guides and gripper fingers and different sucker tips.


that site has everything I need! thx Paul.

Did you use the #2 or #3 suckers for the manila?

new suckers installed and it feeds the 220 lettra with no problem now. #2 suckers work great. The #3 suckers actually pick up two sheets of 220lb at once!! I appreciate all the help.