Paper cutter won’t get through last few sheets

So I picked up an Ideal 3600 18” electric paper cutter and just had the blade sharpened. It gets through the first sheets great, but it will never cut through the last few sheets. It gives them a nice score, but it never cuts through completely clean.

The machine has an adjuster on the side to bring down the blade, but that doesn’t seem to fix it either. ideas?

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Time to turn the cutting stick, or put a piece of chipboard under your paper. Dick G.

ok, looks like the blade is slightly above the cutting stick. I’ll look for another one. turning it didn’t help.

If you can get a bunch of scrap chipboard you can just put a sheet, full width of the stock, under what you are cutting. You’ll get a cleaner cut even with a good cutting stick. Or save a few waste or spoiled press sheets and put them on the bottom, as many as are not being cut cleanly now. The cutter blade can be adjusted lower, but you should have a good cutting stick in there anyway. Get plastic if you can — easier to work with.


After we have our blades sharpened we reset the blade so it is cutting the last sheet. On our Polar Mohr, the instructions are in the manuel. I’m sure the same is true for your cutter.
When the blade is sharped metal is removed and the blade is a little shorter.

you were all right on. I rotated the cutting stick, lowered the blade a tad and wallah. Cuts nice and smooth all the way through now.

Using chipboard under a lift just dulls the blade prematurely; cutting sticks are there for a reason. It is better to adjust the blade properly. Sometimes the sticks themselves need to be shimmed, to bring them to level, or compensate for low areas, but don’t raise them above bed height.