C&P flywheel won’t turn (REALLY hard to turn)

I don’t know what to do. Last night I was printing a job and I could hear the motor band slipping a bit. (I would set my C&P at a speed that I usually print at, but it would actually move at about half the pace.) Today I went out to print and I can BARELY push the flywheel to move the rollers and the motor turned on won’t even turn the wheel.

What might be the problem!? Thank you SO much for your help. Elizabeth

(Of course I am trying to print a rush job)

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tell us about your regular maintenance !

sounds like its time to oil the press, maybe your missing some oil holes when you oil. good luck Dick G.

I oil after every time I use the press! (And I think I have all the oil holes down.) What to do though?

could be the motor, take the belt off then turn the press by hand, if it turns easily then its your motor, if it don’t then you might be missing something when you oil the press. Good Luck Dick G.

Thank you! I went on a mad hunt last night and found two new oil holes. It did the trick. Thank you SO MUCH! My entire day has been brightened! What type of oil do you rec.? I noticed some other posts but wasn’t sure if that was the fix-all. Thanks!

Lance Williams just posted a C&P oiling chart on his website: http://www.kadetstationery.com/downloads/CandP_New_Series_Oiling_Chart.p....

If your press is an Old Series one, the oiling places are pretty much the same.

30 wt. non-detergent motor oil is what most folks use.

The Briar Press Help pages has a link where you can download this oil chart and other press manuals, parts, care, and instruction guides for the C&P and other popular presses.