restoring Golding press

We are a community art center in Atlanta, GA. A Golding press (chase size 6x9”) was donated. It is rusty and lacking rollers and spring. Here is the link to pictures:
Where to start? How to clean rust off? What parts to order? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Mixture of salt and vinegar (or lemon juice and vinegar) with steel wool pads. The complete description is somewhere in the archives. Repeatedly.


This is not a Golding, it is a Sigwalt. Springs on the Sigwalt can be closely matched at a good hardware store as they are simple compression type. The press looks pretty complete otherwise. Someone with this model can tell you more about the rollers and trucks you’ll need.

It appears that you might be missing 2 roller hooks and springs on the right side of the press (opposite side of the handle)
Information about adapting Kelsey rollers for Sigwalts.