Numbering machines

We have about 12 good quality “Count” numbering machines, made in Italy, that are in need of repair.
Does anyone know of companies in the US or Canada that repair them?

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There was Ultimate Numbering Machine Service (was it in in Minnesota?) but I am not sure of they are still in business. Some numbering machine repair place went under a while back and many of the pieces ended up on eBay.

Ultimate Numbering Machine Service Inc.

[email protected]

(763) 571-5215 or (800) 328-2489

Try dealing direct with Count.
I’ve had problems some time ago dealing with Ultimate.

Hi Paul
I have been Repairing Numbering Machines ,Letterpress, Rotary MIicr,Ocr,Ink-Jet for 25+ years.Serviceing:Usa ,Canada ,South America
Please find : Please call 1-877-387-0292 Free Quotes & Trouble shooting allways.

Does anyone have a schematic for stripping and reassembling standard bidirectional numbering machines via web site please?

Hello : I am interested in purchasing a count number machine for a M121 any info would be appreciated, or any info on the programming for this machine , Thank You !