Loose Main Shaft on C&P 12x18

Hi folks,

I recently acquired a 12x18 C&P New Style press and am working on getting it up and running. The main shaft seems to have about 1/2 inch of play left to right. I’m not sure if there’s something loose, missing, or what.

I posted a video illustrating the issue here:


Any thoughts? I’ve owned a 10x15 Old Style for several years and it definitely doesn’t have any play in the main shaft. I’ve been lucky — the 10x15 hasn’t had any mechanical problems so I’m not great at this sort of troubleshooting.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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Usually the gear on the opposite side from the flywheel isn ‘t all the way on giving you play in the shaft, but it looks like if you drive the gear all the way on then the teeth don’t catch enough of the teeth on the large gear. don’t know what to tell you, check your 10x15 and see how they align on that press. Dick G.

On the older C&P there was a bearing flange on the shaft that when removed allowed the crank to pass through the frame. Is it possible that it’s on the wrong side of the frame and isn’t being the spacer it was intended to be? Or maybe I’m mis-remembering how it is supposed to be installed.


Thanks a lot for the replies. This helps. Bob, I don’t think there’s supposed to be a flange bearing — at least my 10x15 doesn’t seem to have one. Dick, I think you’re right about the small gear — it should be driven on farther. It’s about 2.25” wide so driving it another half inch will still allow for most of the teeth to overlap with the large gear.

Any advice on how to do this? I’ll attach a couple photos. It looks like the pin that holds the small gear in place is driven as far as it can go… farther than the gear itself is driven. Someone also added a hose clamp to keep the pin in place.

Thanks again.

image: IMG_0459.jpg


image: IMG_0464.jpg


try a pipe that will fit over the shaft then tap the pipe and drive the gear further on the shaft, you might have to remove the hose clamp first, don’t hit it too hard or you’ll break the gear. good luck Dick G.

There should be a ‘Gib Key’ holding that small gear (pinion gear) in position. All the C&P presses I remember had the pinion gear positioned to eliminate end play on the flywheel shaft.
Good luck with your press.

Great. I think I got it basically fixed — the play is down to about 1/8”.

Once I got the hose clamp off, the gib key came out easily… too easily I think. It was hitting the end of its slot before it could wedge firmly under the pinion gear. So, I cut about 1/2” off of the key. Now I think it’s holding the gear in place nicely.

Thanks once more. Your help is much appreciated.