gripper fingers for CP 8x12

Who sources replacement fingers for different presses.

…or does someone have a spec of the thickness for custom making them yourself?

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I use 1/8 inch hot rolled steel to make mine.

if you don’t have the bolt and nut to fasten the grippers on the press be careful, the nut is pretty thin, not a standard one, i think you could do damage to the press if your not careful, there mus.t be someone near to you who has one you could look at. Good Luck Dick g.

If you are not proud, you can use pieces of metal coat hanger wire or something similar until you get the real thing. I use these when I need to keep stock from pulling but only have a small area to insert them. Be careful though and be sure they are secure or they can move and damage type.

I made a pair out of aluminum, 1 inch wide by approximately 1/16 inch thick (sorry, I don’t know the gauge, but it is thinner than a photopolymer plate). A right angle bend at one end to fit the grove and keep it square, and a hole for the bolt that holds it in place. I made them thin because the standard grippers are thick enough to damage a base and/or the press when printing with photopolymer or a honeycomb base.

Rudow sells gripper bolts, but they are just carriage bolts now.

One of the grippers on my 8 X 12 was made from a flattened piece of an adjustable curtain rod. I used it for about 25 years, then made myself a matching pair out of a piece of aluminum that I salvaged from an old shower stall that we were throwing away.

Got it… improvise and save the cash

ericrox,NA graphics sell .grippers and bolts and gripper fingers, best james

better idea. Got ‘em