Starter press?

Hi there - I’m looking for a cheap (under $200) option to print at home. Should I build one?

What about things along these lines:

I’m looking to be able to print letterpress plates (Boxcar press), maybe woodtype and even woodcuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Derek Oscarson

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Derek…. there has been a number of postings here on Briar Press about building a home-made press. I’ve posted two different presses myself…… which are far better for printing than the ones I’ve seen on U-Tube so far.

Just do a search here, and you’ll find all sorts of discussions.

thanks will do

Here is the posting for my Galley Proof Press style home-made machine. It’s proven to be the most versatile of the home-made units I’ve built….. I’ve made numerous copies for folks, and they all seem to love ‘em.

really cool

I would suggest a proof press like a Nolan. I’ve seen a couple for sale on the classifieds here in the last few months. You may end up spending a little more that 200, but they are really good presses (I have one that I LOVE), simple to operate, and you can get the money back when/if you sell it when/if you decide to upgrade.


There are 2 proof presses in the classifieds on this site right now, one Challenge and one Nolan, both ads posted Nov. 9th. Good luck!