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I just purchased a 5x8 kelsey press from a local guy. (just got done cleaning up the press a bit with the lemon juice and vinager, looks great) I have just ordered rollers, 1 set of type, guage pins, black ink, and some spaces. I am also waiting to hear back from excelsior press to order a set of regelts, 1 wichershen quoin, tympan starter set and a set of leads,slugs and composition stick. The question I have is what is everyones best piece of advice to someone just starting.

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Read up, lots of great introductory texts to get you familiar with the processes. Lots of great info on this site, too.

Only thing on your list that seems to be missing is furniture. You’ll need to develop a work area. Main thing you’ll need if you’re interested in working with type is a flat, hard surface on which you’ll impose.

Love your music.


You will need more than 1 quoin, at least 3 or 4, plus a quoin key. Good Luck Dick G.

I have two quoins now. I just want one extra.

Trial and error is the self teaching method. Each mistake is a lesson. Some good printers have gotten there my this method.
As a teacher, I suggest you find a mentor.
I ask my students to:
Listen well
Follow instructions
Ask questions
Have fun

Quoin key, some good clean up solvent, some different papers to experiment with, and a line gauge (it’s like a printers ruler). I use my line gauge more than any other single tool.

Know that everyone makes mistakes starting out. The first print I tried to do on my own, the tongue of one of my gauge pins smashed into my 48pt capital letter E, ruining it forever. But, lesson learned, and now I establish my image area on the tympan and then measure with my line gauge every time before placing the pins.

Good luck and ask for advice! No questions is too silly, in my opinion.