Die Cutters policy?

I have a question about how everyone else handles die cutting.
When die cutting door hangers and alike do you strip out the waste or leave it in?
Suggestions on stripping out the waste other than punching out by hand?
Will the round waste that falls into the press, (Heidelberg Windmill) cause any problems?
Thank you-

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Hi, jfitz—

At our shop, we offer to strip the waste on die cutting jobs for an additional charge. We try to run on guides where possible, and usually nick the die with a small cold chisel to keep the waste in register, so the job can be stripped in batches. Small punches are a nuisance to strip—sometimes we run nicked punch dies that have an ejection cork in their center; other un-nicked punches are machined to dump the waste out the side of the die. Waste that falls into the press should be cleaned out occasionally, but seems not to be a big problem unless it hangs across a scoring matrix or perf, or falls on a guide.

It is possible to build a “stripping board” out of half-inch plywood or somesuch. The base of the board should acccomodate the sheet. Fences are screwed into the base at right angles on the guide and gripper sides. A sheet of the die-cut stock is placed in position and the holes marked on the base of the board, and cut out with a jig saw. The board is placed over a receptacle. A heap of die-cut stock is placed on the board jogged against the fences, and the waste knocked out with a mallet, screwdriver, dull chisel, drift pin, paperclip, or whatever.

Stripping boards can be labelled and saved for repeat jobs, and sometimes used for several different jobs if their holes are in different places. For a few door hangers, we ordinarily strip by hand as they come off the press.

I suppose hydraulic stripping machines are made for specific applications. Maybe Bar-Plate is worth checking out.

Hope this helps, Brian

small holes,as stated above, are a pain the glutteus maximus. but holes the size on your door hangers are easy to scrap. you need to read your customer. if they will pay, then charge them for it. if not then don’t . anything less than 5,000 pieces, it’s not that big a deal. get the work, do what you have to. if you simply cut the sheet the waste should stay in. when you cut too hard it will fall out.

We strip our by hand and save the holes, Elementary schools , day cares, and pre schools love them for art projects. And they don’t end up in your trash.