Anyone recognize this beauty?

Does anyone know the name of this gorgeous font?

No pin marks or identifiers I can find. Similar in digital is called Morgan 29.

image: Morgan 29?

Morgan 29?

image: Morgan 29 digital sample

Morgan 29 digital sample

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Could you link to a larger image? That jpg file is just too small to see.

The lack of a pinmark would make me think it is a Monotype-cast revival.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Looks like Glyptic.

I don’t have my references handy, but it was designed by Herman Ihlenberg (sp) in the 1870s, I believe, for the MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan typefoundry.

Skyline Type Foundry currently offers new castings of this type in 24 point.

The photo of the metal type appears to be a recasting of Glyptic. The face below appears to be a digital copy of Glyptic Shaded. Both were faces which originated with MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan, designed by Herman Ihlenburg and both were patented on March 12, 1878, but they have been recast in monotype metal in the 20th-century. I think that I got my 24 pt. font of Glyptic Shaded from the late Harold Berliner. I believe that only the 24 point size has been recast and Sky Shipley may offer it.
Dave Greer

Your typeface is Glyptic. Skyline is offering a revival casting and there was also a revival casting offered by the Sterling Type Foundry a decade or so ago. The proof that you show of Morgan 29 is Glyptic Wide Shaded. Same basic design, but wider and with a drop outline for the “shaded” part of the name. Glyptic Wide Shaded was also offered as a revival casting from Sterling around the same time.


What’s your source for the name “Glyptic Wide Shaded?” Was that the name given to Sterling’s recasting? The original face called Glyptic Shaded was a wider face, with shading, but the original MS&J name was just “Glyptic Shaded.” See ATF 1896, pg. 501, or earlier MS&Js.

Hi Dave,

Yes! The name Glyptic Wide Shaded is what Dave Churchman had on the labels for his Sterling TF revival casting. Dang! I guess I never double-checked that name. I’ll look in my old foundry catalogs tonight and confirm your info and change the name in my filing system. Thanks for noting that.

Are you going to be at The Hamilton Wood Type Museum this weekend for their Wayzgoose? I’ll be there!!!!!!


Thank you everyone!

No, I can’t make it. I just did not plan on it early-enough! Please convey my regrets and have a great time.

Thanks for all your help everyone!

Here’s more on Glyptic. There are three faces, all designed by Herman Ihlenburg and patented on March 12, 1878. The faces are Glyptic, Glyptic No. 2 and Glyptic Shaded. Skyline Type Foundry has recast the first and last face in 24 pt., while the mats for Glyptic No. 2 have not yet surfaced.

Here are the three faces, from the the Eleventh specimen book (1885) of the MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan typefoundry. Enjoy!

—David Smith
Smythe Productions, Ltd.

image: Glyptic Shaded.jpg

Glyptic Shaded.jpg

image: Glyptic No. 2.jpg

Glyptic No. 2.jpg

image: Glyptic.jpg


Someone also made that typrface in wood. I have a font of this type about 2” high.