Anyone know what this is?

Hoping to identify it’s name, use, etc… Possibly for casting. If you know what it is, could you also id if there are any parts missing, so I keep an eye out for them. Thanks!

image: IMG_9058.jpg


image: IMG_9059.jpg


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Looks like a casting mold base for engravings to be mounted on.

If it is greater than the height of a piece of type when closed, it is probably a small stereotype casting box. The extra height accomodates the thickness of the stereo flong. I have seen small boxes like this, but generally they have a flared out funnel into which the metal can be poured. This one seem to lack that feature.

If it is less than type high, it may well be a casting box for casting a base to which plates could be mounted, as Aaron suggests..

My guess would be a casting box for stereotypes. What is the depth of the recess?

It is exactly type high. Not sure the lingo to use but in regards to the framing pieces on the interior. If you look at the photo, the top piece and right side are actually joined at the corner seem and removable. It also has a pencil eraser sized groove running along the right side underneath it. I could have them in the wrong spots. The bottom piece, with the 2 prongs in it, is also removable. I would imagine I am missing one piece, on the left, if this is to be a cast? Thanks