Need Some Help

First, this is my first post to this forum. I have done some searching and the content seems amazing.

What I have is about a semi-trailor load of printer cases (I believe they are type cases) brass linotype, lead type and other misc printer items.

I have no idea what value it is, or even where to go to get it appraised.

Can someone give me a “push” in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance


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Where are you located? There are a lot of fine folks on here that I’m sure would be willing to help you determine the price of stuff.

Someone is going to have some fun with this stuff.
It is no longer made and the value is someplace between priceless and worthless. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Various people will want most of it, probably. It is not likely that one will want all of it unless she/he believes ahe/he can get it from you for a song and re-sell it at a profit.
In addition to saying where you are, it would be very good to find someone who can identify what you have so you may advertise using the correct names and quantities.

Between priceless and worthless is right. If the Linotype mats are in buckets, they are worth scrap prices because the mats are now damaged. If the magazines are full but separated from the related loose pi mats, then the font is incomplete and only interesting to someone who needs replacement mats for that face. When you have the complete font of mats, and the face is of interest, and the mats are not worn, then mats can be worth some money. The time-consuming work it takes to achieve those conditions is why there are only two commercial resellers of Linotype mats left.
You might have a yard sale, or get a table at a regional Printer’s Fair, or sell it all off to someone like Letterpress Things, or go the eBay route, piece by piece. That is a place where on the right day, things may bring more than they are worth. Have a Dutch auction on type cases!