Showcard help needed!

I recently picked up a Showcard Model B-Special. I’ve been able to produce some satisfactory prints with it, but I have several questions and issues I’m dealing with.

The main question is, how do I lock in a pressure setting? As it is now, when the roller gets to my form, it adjusts itself to the height and rolls across. I feel like I should be able to set the exact amount of pressure I want. I posted this short video to show exactly what I mean:

Next, the height/pressure adjustment on top, and the… thing in the front. I know how I think this is supposed to work, but can anyone explain exactly how these should be used?

Then there are the little tools/things that were included. I’ve posted images and have no idea what these things are. I know that the spring thing is supposed to hold type in place, but, it seems to move around just as easily with those on either side of the type. What gives?

Lastly, is the knob. Not sure how or where it may have been attached, but I guess it was broken off before I ever got the press?

image: showcard-1.jpg


image: clip-thing.jpg


image: weird-tool.jpg


image: knob.jpg


image: spring-thing.jpg


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That knob i think attaches to the nut that slips when you make an impression, you could try tightening that nut and see if it stays where you set it. The rest of the things you have i can’t figure out. Good Luck Dick G.

I thought that’s where the knob would go, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of attaching it.

Anyone else?

Im hoping someone can identify the last picture of the ‘spring-thing’ too as ive recently bought a case of type and it came with about 20 of those in one of the compartments and i have no idea what they are either!

The knurled knob on the top is the impression pressure adjustment. You may have to take the unit apart and see what might be unhooked if this isn’t holding the roller at a fixed height.

Picture 2: doesn’t go to this press
Picture 3: doesn’t go to this press although it looks like a “key” for squeezing the ink tubes that Showcard used to sell.
Picture 4: doesn’t go to this press
Picture 5: In order for the spring clamp to work you need to place the slotted type on the type bar with the notches facing UP. Then you place a spring clamp over each end of the type bar and push them towards each other so as to compress the springs but doing so by pushing on the bottom of the clip so that it rocks outward and fetches up in one of the notches. It’s a poor design. It’s difficult to do and the coil spring digs into the sides of the type. Probably why they came out with slotted magnets so that justification could be done right on the bed of the press.

Thanks musikwerke. Did you happen to see the video I posted? I’m definitely concerned about the pressure adjustment. The idea of taking it apart is kind of scary though.

This is driving me crazy. =P



Showcard users, here is a scan of the schematic for the model we have. Hope it is helpful.

image: ShowcardScematicP2.jpg


Showcard Part 1

image: ShowcardSchematicP1.jpg


Awesome diagram, but still different than my press. I’m starting to think I have the only Model B-Special ever made. =P

You seem to be missing your pressure locking wheel.