Equipment value

We have a Miller Saw-Trimmer we want to sell. We have not been able to find any information as to value of it. It has the manufacturing date of June 23, 1912. Any information would be helpful.

image: saw platform.jpg

saw platform.jpg

image: saw adjuster.jpg

saw adjuster.jpg

image: saw serial plate.jpg

saw serial plate.jpg

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I recently bought a similar pedestal saw (C&G) complete for $50.00. There was a Barnhart Brothers and Spindler saw on ebay recently with a buy-it-now price of $999.99. (P. T. Barnum: Please note!) Yours, as well as the ebay saw seem to be missing the work holder clamp as well as the guard. These saws are light duty but are used by woodworkers who are quick to learn about picas and points.

Thank for your input. It was actually used to cut lead for our letterpress. As for the other parts you mention, we may have them and will look for them.

Hi Bob,

I think Stanislaus realizes your saw is for lead. I believe he was pointing out today they are often sought after by woodworkers to do small joinery work in addition to the traditional printers use of cutting lead. I use mine for cutting picture frames in addition to cutting lead. I have a tabletop Miller saw that is complete and mounted on a nice Hamilton oak stand/table that I purchased for $200.00. In my opinion, without the missing parts mentioned, and others not mentioned, it would not be of much value. With the missing blade guard, work clamp, batter, miterer, and bolt not visible in the pictures you would potentially do much better.

I bought one for $50.