Buying a Windmill…maybe

Here are pictures of the press I saw today: it runs smoothly, looks reasonably clean, but—no chases, tools, or other accessories, and NO ROLLERS, and no roller arms, other than the roller carriage itself. Looks like there are parts missing on the ink fountain, too. Any advice? Does this seem like just too much to try to replace to get it printing?

image: Heidelberg 10x15

Heidelberg 10x15

image: missing roller assembly

missing roller assembly

image: all there is of the ink fountain

all there is of the ink fountain

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For the missing parts you will have to pay far more than whatever you pay for the Press.
With patience there are plenty of the presses out there and complete.

My guess it was used for die cutting since there are no rollers or arms for printing.

The cost to replace the accessories that are missing would be greater than buying another press, if you could find what you need. There are many complete presses around for sale, two near me. Dick G.

Definitively a big “NO!”
Look for a red knob with roller arms that can be disabled – this is in my opinion the best windmill (and the youngest).

There are plenty of ‘em on eBay here in Germany for just a few hundred Euros. I know, s/h would be a lot, but I don’t have an idea what one pays for a windmill in the U.S.


If you want to get into die-cutting and the price is right it would be nice to have around. Too much trouble to get it printing.

Thanks everyone; the opinion is clear!