Heidelberg Cylinder sale?

Does anyone know a good way to sell a Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress? I’m at a loss, I have a good press that’s going to be converted to a die-cutter if I don’t find a good home for it, and well, that’s just not good in my opinion. Any suggestions would be wonderfully received.

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Post it in the classifieds here? You can always try eBay.

Yes. Post it in the classifieds here and it will surely find its way onto the Letpress listserv. Someone will want it. Where are you located?


From another posting, the press (or poster) is in North Chicago.

Heidelberg cylinders were made to die cut and print

Most Heidelberg cylinders that end up in the hands of dealers are converted to die cutters by removing the inking system, regrinding the bed to handle a bed plate (cylinder beds are softer cast iron and don’t hold up well to the pounding of steel dies), plus the addition of the die jacket. Such dealers include Demers, Wittenberg, and several others. The only dealer I know who makes an effort to place Heidelberg cylinders that are still set up for printing with letterpress people is Hicks Brothers in San Francisco—but they used to savage these presses before they beame enlightened.

We have a Heidelberg SBG cylinder we use for die cutting. I’ve dealt with Demers and they are nice folks. They do a lot of reconditioning. Their phone # is 800-956-3612

we wishes to purchase this machine ,please write us the price and send the photographs,, my email id is
[email protected]

I might also be interested in purchasing, depending on price & location.