C & P craftsman platen leveling

Any of you good folks tell me how to level the print pressure side to side on a 1936 C&P Craftsman? This press does not have the 5 bolt set up in the rear…

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not sure that’s possible besides packing

please look at this web site


There is plenty of information on Briar about your question, it just takes some time to read all the posts to find the answer.

Hey Gunnar,

I just went out and had a look at my press, also a C&P Craftsman (12x18 - you hadn’t mentioned your press size). Without focusing on leveling technique (no, this adjustment on a C&P Craftsman isn’t a topic that’s been hashed over, like conventional bolt-style platen leveling & technique) - for the adjustment take a look along the large shaft (behind the bed) under the top impression wheel & you’ll notice what looks to be two collars (one each, towards the inside of the roller arm on either side of the press). These are eccentric & should provide the needed movement (if you have a parts book - look near P/N R-125A, shown on Plate No. 5)

The key to left-right adjustment should be loosening & slightly truing the appropriate eccentric/collar to move the desired side of the bed - not the platen, for this press the platen is fixed on its pivot (It may not need mentioning, top-bottom leveling of the bed is achieved via the two impression screws).

Hope this steers you in the right direction (haven’t needed to do this on my press - but this is where I’d start). Let us know how you make out.


A few weeks ago there was an ad for a new platen gauge. Perhaps this may help you:


As stated in his original posting, Craftsmen presses do not have platen adjustment bolts and adjustments are made elsewhere.

oh, sorry, I should have read the ad more closely…


It does not matter whether you are moving the bed or the platen the gauge is appropriate to use. It is helping determine the distance between the two surfaces. I have a large Golding that has a stationary platen also and use the gauge to set even impression on it. That said, he was wondering how, not having difficulty which is the purpose of the setting gauge.