sealing wood type.

I was wondering if any of you used to work in a wood type factory (or ever made wood type by themselves). What is that shiny sealer that keeps the ink from penetrating the type composed of? How do you finish the type after having it cut on a router (sanding the printable area, applying sealer, polishing?,etc.). Thanks for your advice.

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I’d think you’d use Shellac, not that I have any experience- but I seem to remember hearing that’s what was used…

Helimited is correct.

Use Shellac. I recommend several coats. Each coat would be thinned a bit using ethyl alcohol and after drying—which takes a half hour or less—use 1200 grit sandpaper to get a silky finish.

I usually apply the last coat, let it dry, and then rub with pure alcohol to even out any streaks. Then hit it again with the 1200 grit sand paper just before routing.

Thanks for the answers