Windmill Oiling

OK I get that the best example of machine work most of us will ever see needs oil and that because when the ones here now are gone there won’t be anymore, one had better do it correctly. I’m a mechanical guy but can’t figure it. Did the oiler supplied with the press have a little needle to depress the spring-depressed ball? Do I have to rig some kind of hypodermic needle (with some sort of collar to seal it against leaking external to the little hemispherical fitting?) I am damned if I’m going to run the thing now that I’ve moved it without putting oil in every fitting I can find. Can one of you teach me? And how about fittings which are crushed?

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the oiling gun for this is similar to a grease gun. it just does oil instead. it is re-fillable. if you need one, shop around, they are not that hard to find…

Not hard to find, but too easily confused with an American Zerk grease fitting. The actual Heidelberg oil gun is what you want, and not at current Heidelberg price. Get one used from a printing equipment dealer like Hicks Bros in SF, or an aftermarket parts place like Printer’s Parts, or even eBay.
Replacement fittings are another issue, Try Printer’s Parts or a Heidelberg specialist.

Does anyone have any idea where to find one in Australia?