CL ad - Free platemaker, can this be used for letterpress plates?

Here is a link to a free platemaker on CL, not sure if it’s good for letterpress plates or not. If someone is in the area it could be a bargain.


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That is just for making camera plates for an offset press.

You could use it to make negs

That’s only if you can find roll negative material and chemistry compatible with it. It would not use imagesetting film, which is exposed by lasers. This would probably need quartz-speed roll film. I doubt the manufacturer is selling anything for this now that polyester laser plates off your laser printer have taken its low-end niche in platemaking.

Looks like a paper roll platemaker for offset plates, we used to use one for an old imprint mullti in the print shot I worked at.

I made a photopolymer exposure unit out of a small platemaker. The unit in question no doubt has a vacuum
pump, just replace the glass with the film Boxcar sells and place UV bulbs above. If you are lucky you would not have to rewire anything.

Stay away from this machine! I had one, when I had a offset and letterpress shop. A BIG waste of money!!!

Yes, this makes offset press plates. But, still not a good investment!