Paper bag printing

Anyone print on kraft paper, poly-lined coffee bags (like the image attached) before? I doubt this would work on the windmill, but I’m wondering about a Vandercook SP20. I have a Samson 8x12 platen, but it doesn’t have a throw-off which makes it really a pain for long runs.

image: FBACFNK03LB.jpg


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On page 126 of the manual you can see accessories designed to help feed paper bags like these. Not sure if you could get them feeding without the tilting feed table, but if you can, with some careful makeready it should be possible to print them on the windmill.


Heidelberg Platen will do them all day long. I use rubber plates due to the uneveness of the bags. Have fun, Carl

I hadn’t even considered the Windmill could do this. Quite the amazing press, I’m learning.

Carl, where do you get your rubber plates?

Is this one of those instances where packing with a rubber blanket would make things easier?

A rubber blanket in your packing would help a lot, just make sure your overall packing doesn’t exceed the gripper clearance… most offset blankets come .080”. Info on that can be found in other threads.

I had a job to print bags like these, i ran them on a windmill, set the type on a ludlow, after 50 bags and 4 smashed forms i made a rubber stamp and printed from that. The wire tie that sticks out will catch on the succer bar and rip off every so often, these aren’t easy to run but can be done. I ran these every year for about 5 years starting with 2000 bags and increasing every year until they got to 50000, then someone figured it was cheaper to print them first then convert to bags. Good Luck Dick G.