Rummonds Iron Handpress Books are suddenly affordable!

I would guess that the publisher has remaindered the books by Richard Gabriel Rummonds on the iron handpress and they are suddenly rather inexpensive. There is the book Printing on the Iron Handpress (showing for $35 hardcover) and also the two volume set 19th Century Printing Practices (just $41, again hardcover and both volumes).

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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These were remaindered by Oak Knoll a while back. Last summer? Looks like a whole lot of them were picked up by dealers from the listings. The competition would greatly drop the pricing. Sort of sad; on the other hand, a great deal for the buyer and a valuable resource for any letterpress printer. And in time, their market value will increase.


I edited the two-volume “Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress” for Gabriel Rummonds over an 8-year period, so I have a great interest in the title. I was very disappointed in the slow sales of the book, but in my opinion it’s nevertheless an important landmark in printers’ manuals. It reminds me of Rob Roy Kelly’s book on wood type, which was also remaindered, and then, years later, suddenly got discovered and became a classic. I think the same will happen with this work.
-Steve Saxe

Just received my copies of these two books.

Thumbing through Printing on the Iron Handpress - wow! Looks fantastic. I only have table top platens, but this is really going to be helpful - lots of info on typography, preparing for book binding, and the printing process in general - and beautiful books to boot.

Thanks for the heads up Daniel :)