Recommendation for new rollers? And are these trucks still ok?

When I got my new press, it came with these rollers and two sets of trucks. I am in need of new rubber rollers (see attached image) for sure. Does anyone recommend one company over another? I’ve heard good things from both Rollcraft and NA Graphics. Do you guys recommend them? I’ve got an 8x12 C&P — do you need all 3 rollers?

I also have two sets of trucks which have years and years and years of rollin’. (see other image)
One pair are Morgan Expansion Trucks I believe? — I’ve never used these before. Do they look OK? The rubber is just caked on there.
The other set of trucks — the left one has a chip knocked out on one side. Is that going to affect the printing? They’ve also got tons of gunked ink on the side as well.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

image: IMG_4178.jpg


image: IMG_4175.jpg


image: DSC_0145.JPG


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It’ll be most economical to get them done somewhere within the city you live. Not sure how close to a major centre you are, but I live in a relatively small city and there is a rubber place—I would assume most large cities have one. Call around to offset shops and see where they get their rollers recovered. If you explain you are a hobby letterpress printer I am sure they will not be offended.

I like working with someone I can talk to face-to-face. You can get different durometers of rubber depending on what you’d like to do, get them to lathe down imperfections on your cores and you save on shipping.

Take a set of calipers to the trucks are make sure they aren’t too shrunk, they should match the diameter of your rollers. The only way to know if trucks are good are to ink up your press and use a roller setting gauge to check to see how out of round they are. Can be tricky to diagnose if your rails are also in bad shape. Use the search function to learn more about setting roller height, lots of talk about it already. MERTs wear the rails less than solid metal ones and they are expandable if the rubber is worn. New delrin trucks from NA graphics will be the right size, perfectly round and won’t damage your rails.


Rollcraft is where i get my rollers, i tell them i want the softest rollers i can get, that chip in the truck shouldn’t cause a problem, the morgan expansion trucks are great, NA Graphics sell the replacement rubbers for these. if you are afraid of wearing your rails with the metal trucks just wrap electricians tape around them. You can print most everything with two rollers, the third one will come in handy when printing solids or large areas of text. Good Luck Dick G.

Thank you for the recommendations!
I guess it’s nice to have options with the trucks. I’ll have to call up NA Graphics to see if they have any replacement rubber in stock because on their site it states that they are out.

Thanks again.

Just had some rollers recovered with SI Industries -

They did an excellent job, and they were very easy to work with. I just sent them a letter with the specs and durometer requirements along with my old rollers.

They cut the ratty old roller material off and even polished up the cores for me. Quick turnaround, too.

I have been very satisfied with the work of SI Industries for all types of graphic arts rollers.

J Henry

Creative Letterpress in Burbank Calif supplies Rollers and new trucks.

I ordered from RAMCO in San Dimas, CA. Their prices were reasonable, their turnaround fast, and their service wonderful and helpful.

Good luck