Triumph cutting sticks

Hey guys, I’m looking to purchase my first auto paper cutter. As I am doing my research, I see cutting sticks available for Triumph cutters. What are these things used for, and how do you use them? Are their any other accessories I should be aware of?



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Cutting sticks are long channels of plastic that fit in a groove on the bed of the cutter under the blade. If the blade came down on the steel bed it would dull quickly. Cutting sticks will need to be replaced periodically.

Other than sharpening the blade and replacing cutting sticks, there’s not much other maintenance to my cutter beyond cleaning and lubrication, although mine is a manual lever cutter.

An extra blade is almost a must unless you can afford to wait while your blade is being sharpened.

Cutting sticks are also available - even more common in the past - in wood. We typically rotate our cutting sticks until we’ve got 8 ‘uses’ out of them. Inexpensive, easy to find.

They fit into a channel beneath the blade and come in two common sizes - I think they are 1/2” and 3/4” (for bigger cutters)

- Alan

Thanks guys for all the help!