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We purchased a Chandler & Price 10 x 15 that runs on a motor requiring 240v. We wanted to replace the motor to run 110-120v. Does anyone recommend a type of motor (i.e. horsepower, brand, etc.)

Here is a video of the press that we purchased:


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Are you sure this motor cannot run on 110v?

What is the horsepower rating for the motor?

If you post a photo of the motor plate we should be able to see if it’s able to run on both 110 and 220.


I’m no electrician, but i think you can wire a 220 motor to run on 110, check with an electrician, for years a lived next to the town dump, i ran my c&p’s off of old washing machine motors rescued from the dump. Dick G.

240 is a 3 phase current. you would need to change to a single phase motor. get the same HP rating and shaft dimension. there should be be a code on the motor plate titled, “frame” this number will help you find a motor that will fit onto the press without modifications. unless you wanted to go the “variable frequency drive” route.

240V may or may not be 3 phase. The 240V we all have in our houses to run our range, dryer, etc., is single phase. Usually the 240V in businesses is 3 phase.

I agree with Brad: we need to see a picture of the motor plate. If there is more than one plate, we need to see both, but especially the one with the diagram of what terminals have to be connected to run the motor at different voltages. This may be a very inexpensive fix, if all you have to do is change the connections of some wires.

If the plate says the motor is 3 phase, then that is a different issue and it may be cheaper to get a different new or used motor.

I did similar to what Dick G. did, ran my 8 X 12 C&P with an old 1/6 horsepower water pump motor for 30 years and it was still running when I sold it. The motor bearings had oil caps so I could oil them occasionally, but they needed nowhere near as much oil as the rest of the press.

Ericm did have a good point about the motor “frame” designation. This is the design of how the motor attaches to its motor mount, among other things. If you do have to get a different motor and you get one with the same frame, it should mount the same way. If it is a very old motor, it might not have a “frame” designation on it.

Get a VFD you can input typical 110v household current and output just about anything to get the motor you have running. You can go here and they have the VFD’s


Thanks for all your suggestions. We took photos of the wiring, motor, and how it’s all connected. I will post them when I get home today.

Currently, the machine is still at the seller’s garage. I won’t have the machine in my garage until we can compromise a date with the movers and seller.

We would need to wipe down the motor because there is heavy grease/dust build up and we think the label on the motor is paper, so we would have to wipe it down carefully to salvage the label.