T platen vs GT platen naming rights

So curiosity has got the better of me. As a Heidelberg Platen operator and muched loved fan of this German engineering I have been pondering the naming of our dear Platen.

So my question is - what is the true and correct name of our 10x15 - Is it Heidelberg T platen, or Heidelberg GT platen? Have we just got lazy over time and dropped of the G, or is their a marked difference between the two? Maybe just maybe, my thought is the T platen is the 10x15 and the GT platen the larger size (G standing for Greater). Can’t help but ponder.

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A 10 x 15 is a Heidelberg Tiegel, Tiegel is the german word for Platen ( as in Press)

Heidelberg GT means Grosser Tiegel, grosser is german for large and stands for the 13 x 18 Press.

That was a good question. I’ve always associated the letters with the different size windmills but never really knew what they meant. Never too old to learn something.

Some more on Heidelberg acronyms regarding windmills:

Original Heidelberger Tiegel, the small windmill

Großer Tiegel – as stated above, the bigger size windmill equipped with ink fountain and rollers – main purpose: letterpress.

The added “P” stands for “Prägen” (Embossing / Foil Stamping), this machine has no fountain and rollers but a foil unit, heater plate and reinforced parts for more impression power.

The added “S” stands for “Stanzen” (Die Cut). Same reinforced machine, but nothing on top (no ink fountain, rollers or foil unit).

The added “K” stands for “Kombination”. This machine has an ink fountain and rollers as well as the reinforced parts for more impression power for embossing and die cutting jobs.

I was told that the latter offset machine “GTO” was named like that because it had the same size as the bigger size windmill with the “O” standing for offset. That way every printer would know in what size it was available – don’t really know if this is true, but it kind of makes sense to me…

I have two OHT, two GTP and a GTK. I recently purchased a KSB and I’ld love to have someone tell me the secrets of what “KSB” means. Never got behind that so far :)

oh thankyou - learn something new and fabulous every day!!

We have a OHT but would love a GTP as well :)

I think S is for schnellpress and KS for kleine schnellpress, their first two cylinder presses in this series. The KSB replaced the KS and was two inches wider, so unless wider starts with a B in German, maybe it is just B = 2nd version. It was replaced by KSBA.
Add a Z to the end for zwei and you have two-color.

The GTO and TOK offset presses correspond (intentionally) in size to the GT and T Platen letterpresses. They began production of the TOK presses the year they ended production on T Platen letterpresses—as Mob speculates, this is the reasoning. K line letterpresses correspond to K line offset presses (KO), same with S line letterpresses and S line offset presses (SO.)