WASH for NA Graphic’s Rollers in AUSTRALIA

I have recently purchased replacement rollers for my C&P from NA Graphics, their info regarding cleaning solutions is quite specific
“Do not use gasoline, kerosene, benzene, mineral spirits (paint thinner) or similar petroleum distillates on any roller supplied by us, except for composition rollers. A water-miscible roller wash, which we sell, or that can be obtained from any other source, is the only recommended cleaner for the synthetic rubber compounds currently being used. Our traditional letterpress solvents are too harsh on these rollers and will cause premature failure, swelling, pitting, etc. Water miscible means that water can be mixed with the cleaner to reduce the strength and aid in the removal of paper fibers and paper coatings on offset presses.”
Any suggestions of what I can buy in Australia that would be suitable as they cannot ship their product overseas due to restrictions regulating these products.
So… products and where to buy from…?

Thanks Heaps
Sammy B

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Find a place locally that sells paper and inks. They will know what you need. Anywhere that sells supplies to offset printers will have water-miscible wash.

You want Hurst washup.

I’ve used odorless mineral spirits on rubber rollers from NA Graphics for years and have never had any problem. It’s readily available and far more affordable than some of the alternatives.

Hope this helps,

I have used Pronto blanket wash, mineral spirits, kerosene and rogersol rubber rejuvinator on our rubber rollers over the past 5 years and seen no ill effects.

The NA Graphics warning about solvents comes from contemporary roller manufacturers. It may be that they are just trying to limit their liability, but they might actually know something about rubber today.

I think that the blue rollers from NA Graphics and other companies are vulcanized nitrile. This should stand up pretty well to mineral spirits. Perhaps someone has some more technical insight on this?


I’ve always just used mineral spirits on my red rollers. No harm done that I’m aware of.

Thanks everyone for your insight and input, not so freaked out now about what to buy and not so worried that I might accidentally wreak my rollers.