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I am new to letterpress and, after a great class, went out and bought myself a Craftsmen press knowing practically nothing. I am trying to figure out what kind of press it is. It seems most similar to a Victory press but I’m confused as the dimensions do not match what I have seen on the image of the old ad that is floating around. The pictures below show the press and the chase bed dimensions. The platen measures 8” x 5 9/16”.

There is no chase so I’m trying to figure out what this is so I can track down the correct chase. I understand that Craftsmen does not sell replacement parts for the Victory model. Does anyone know where I can find a chase?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


image: side view.jpg

side view.jpg

image: chase bed.jpg

chase bed.jpg

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Hi Cate,
I would guess that reason it seems strange is because you don’t have a chase for it. You might want to talk to John Barrett at Letterpress Things to see if he can provide one.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I’m pretty sure it’s a 4x6 — the sides of that chase are about 3/4 inch wide or a little less, so that seems about right. I had one just like it but I sold it some time ago. It’s a nice press capable of good work.


Thanks so much for the info - it seems like a really nice press and I’m excited to get it up and running.

Hi, Kate.
It looks like what you have is a Craftsmen Victory Printing Press. Here’s a link to a catalog page that describes it. —>> I have a Craftsmen Imperial and it is a FINE little press. My chase size is 5x8 and I was able to get chases for it from the Craftsmen Company. Yes, they are still in business though now concentrate on modern office machinery. Below is a photo of my press. It looks like you are missing the feeder board, rollers and trucks. I was able to get rollers and trucks from Craftsmen. Didn’t need the feeder board as mine was intact.
Good luck with that little press. It’s a winner.

image: clip of Baby C ad.jpg

clip of Baby C ad.jpg

image: press:post.jpg