Troubleshooting worn part: C&P Craftsman (photos)

I have a C&P 12x18 press. This part on the main body of the press, near the operator, has become worn, and is no longer closing the press properly.

You can see how it is only traveling halfway, and how the shiny metal indicates that it’s rubbing as it moves to close.

Any recommendations on what adjustment to make?

Thank you,

image: platen partway closed: shiny spot where metal is rubbing

platen partway closed: shiny spot where metal is rubbing

image: platen fully closed- not lining up properly

platen fully closed- not lining up properly

image: in context

in context

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this part is called the gate lock. it locks the rocker that the platen is mounted on to. this looks normal. when closing the press slide a thin sheet of paper in on both sides of the press. there is one on the gear side as well. the press should clamp the paper snugly and hit the two sheets at the same time. cigarette paper works well.

image: gatelock.jpg


Seconded, that’s exactly how the locks look on both my 12x18s.

The roller on the left, which controls movement of the gate should have a little play in it. On my press it was quite worn and what was worse, the stud bearing area was worn on one side (from the constant spring pressure against it). I had the stud machined down just enough to clean it up (0.050” under size), and had the roller sleeved with a bronze sleeve. There is an oil hole in that roller which I suspect had been missed lots because it is underneath the delivery table. Otherwise, like the others have said…

Thank you so much. I’ll double check I’m getting that oil hole, too.