Removing Deadbar Pin on a Poco Press

When I got my PocoNo. 2, one of the deadbar pins had been sheared flush with the bedplate, so I need to remove it & replace with a new pin. I thought it would be a taper pin but I’ve been unable to tap it out. I started drilling a couple of days ago with my humble Ryobi and a cobalt bit, and have only managed a tiny cavity in the pin so far. I don’t think I will live long enough to drill all the way through!
Any advice from the field of experts on how to remove this pin?
Thanks so much!

image: Pin1.jpg


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Oh, why not. Long range analysis and offered solution is always fun.
Maybe the pin will come out. Apply generous amount of penetrating oil. If you don’t have any, buy it by that name. A day or so apply more. A puddle will be fine as you can later wipe it up. If it is going to come out, it will be done with a pin punch hammered from below. (I am not at the shop to view mine, but I am pretty sure the hole is drilled through.)
You need to hammer enough to do the job and not so much that you break the bed casting.
The alternate solution is to grind the broken pin flush and install a new pin adjacent and very carefully aligned with the good remaining pin. It can be done with the home Ryobi, but is better done at the machine shop.

Inky has the right idea. I’d suggest a liberal soaking with PB Blaster and then tapping it out from below. It is in fact a taper pin - #5 to be exact.

More info here:

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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Thanks inky & Daniel. It’s soaking now! Patience, patience…

I have a related question: where can I buy a replacement Deadbar pin for a Poco press?


McMaster Carr sell #5 taper pins.


Ooops! Double post! May as well add a link:


Thanks Dan — much appreciate the pointer. I will check them out.