Brayers for rollers

I am really new to all of this, really new. I bought a kelsey 5x8 tabletop press, with surprise, no rollers. I was looking at a brayer I have for rubber stamps and was wondering if a longer brayer might somehow be adapted to the press. I have found that new rollers are around 100 bucks or so. Would a speedball brayer work in your opinion. There is a rubber company near me, I also thought about seeing if I could get some rods covered in rubber and kinda make like a roller baking pin with rubber covering it to make my own. Any thoughts? Any links to rather affordable premade rollers? Thanks!

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I say pay the 100 bucks for new rollers if you want the best results… or simply hand ink your type/plate with your speedball roller.

pilgrimpress, there is nothing like new rollers, hand inking gets old fast. NA Graphics had rollers for the smaller presses. Make sure you get rubber rollers, they seem to last longer than anything else, you want the softest rubber you can get. There is a place in CA i’ve heard his rollers are great, and reasonable, Ramco Rollers, his contact info is in the yellow pages on this site. Dick G.

Buy new rollers. The Kelsey is hard enough to print on that adding the wrong rollers would just frustrate you no end. You can do good work with Kelseys; it’s just harder than on better presses even with the press in the best of shape.

Two thumbs up for going to Ramco Roller Products. Fast turn around, fantastic product.

I have 2 rubber all new sets with trucks on E-bay or free 2-3 day shipping here.