Interesting set-up for old Baltimore 10

Thought you would like to see, looks somewhat origanal, soon as I find some old glass it will be sitting on my strange and unusual shelf.

image: dog house 2 003.jpg

dog house 2 003.jpg

image: dog house 1 web.jpg

dog house 1 web.jpg

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That’s beautiful — no sense of how large it is, but it almost looks coffee-table-size. Somebody put a lot of time into making it. What’s in the case the rollers are standing in the edge of?


It is a small box 17” long 10” tall 9” wide, chase on press is 2 3/8”x3 7/8” . goodys in the box where trucks, glass bottle of dryed ink, box of Butler visiting cards with name Miss Restrice June Kaeppel name looks like it was made from one piece.

image: card.jpg


image: box 004.jpg

box 004.jpg

Beatrice is probably rolling over in her grave. Restrice indeed. Very likely that that typeface could have originally come with that press.


With the overlap shown in the upper case M & K is it possible for that to have been metal type?

Looks like it was metal type, found a couple stuck down by press base. my type knowledge is not very good but I never saw any hang off the block like these. I do like the look, do they still make type like this.

image: small type.jpg

small type.jpg

Beautiful. May have to see about building something like this for my small presses.

Thanks for sharing!