Printer’s Fair vendors

The Midwest & Great Northern Printer’s Fair is coming up next weekend and one detail I have failed to mention is that tables are available for anyone wanting to bring things to sell.
The charge to rent a table is $20 and the tables are 8 feet long.

We are expecting a big turnout this year so this should be a great opportunity to foist off your unwanted junk, errr…. precious valuables.

For those looking to buy, I already have one vendor signed-up who is bringing 40 fonts of wood type!!!!!!!!

Please respond to this post if you would like a table(s) and I’ll reserve one for you. You can pay for it when you arrive.

Set-up for the swap meet will be from 6:45 to 8:00 am on Saturday and the doors will open at 8:00 am for the swap meet.


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Hello Rick,
Please reserve one table for me.
See you on Friday.
Jim McGraw

Hi Jim,

No Problem. Right now I have 2 dozen sales tables spoken for and I will hold some more available to anyone that shows up at the last minute wanting any.

I will have computer access through Wednesday evening and then I’m headed down to Mt. Pleasant for the Printer’s Fair. One of my luxuries when I go down there is that I do not take a computer with me and just try to morph into letterpress mode while I am there. A few weeks ago I was there for ten days and only made one phone call the whole time. Ahhh, the bliss!!!!!


2 Dozen?! That is great! Can’t wait to get down there on Thursday!

Even better news! We now have 30 sales tables spoken for!!!!! Could even be a few more by Saturday morning. This should be fantastic!


Just sent you an email, I would like a table for Saturday.
See you at the show!!!

Thanks Jim,

31 tables ties our record which was set in 2009 when we had the combined APA Wayzgoose and the Great Northern at the same time. I might even have another table or two spoken for at the last minute. For those new to letterpress or even seasoned practitioners looking to add things to their holdings, this is THE PLACE to be this weekend.

I’m counting on lots of smiling faces for the next three days!