Grauel offset letterpress

I came across a Grauel press recently and am thinking about buying it. Its a different style press than my wife normally uses but appears to be in good shape, though I haven’t seen it in person yet.

Does anyone use anything like this? Any pros or cons? I’ve done some quick searches online but am not coming up with a lot of information.

image: 1.jpg


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If it’s offset and not direct, an inked plate will be pressed into a rubber blanket wrapped around the impression cylinder. The blanket then travels across the substrate and offsets the image onto it.

You cannot print from type on these presses as you need a right-reading plate. Platemaking will be different than for a direct press.

You of course cannot achieve a deep impression with these as the paper won’t ever come in contact with the plate.

I don’t think it’s worth buying, but could be useful depending on your application.


If you don’t want that press, pass on it’s location/information please. I don’t want it for letterpress, I have something else in mind.