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I feel your pain too, sloppy movers I...11 Sep
I 2nd John's advice as well. That is...1 Jul
We used to have one just like that, but...17 Aug
Wow I need another press to refinish...14 Jul
From my experience the trick would be...14 Jul
Thank you for the info Devil's Tail! I...11 Jul
I agree! I've been around letterpress...11 Jul
The address I have seen on their...22 Mar
kentpterodactyl I feel for you on this...27 Feb
Very cool stuff! I've been doing a...12 Feb
Very cool! I have driven by where the...16 Jan
For me patience is the key to a good...21 Aug
This one is purely a shelf item, I...7 Apr
It always helps when you know the...25 Feb
I 2nd what others are saying. Given...25 Feb
That storm has a sloppy wet storm...28 Oct
Edit, clicked post twice.11 Sep
That is really cool! I've been playing...11 Sep
The press came with the house, I don't...4 Sep
Just put pictures up of my Improved #11...30 Aug
Time for pictures! The Pearl has been...30 Aug
I'd file that find under jackpot! Easy...30 Aug
Great stuff! I came across the...27 Jun
Move went off without a hitch on the...14 May
I had a pully wheel on a C&P 10x15...9 May
I know how frustrating the search can...9 May
No need to apologize! You guys list...4 May
Glad to hear that they are selling some...3 May
Now that I think about it does anyone...2 May
Well I finally got back to this and...2 May
The move is on for sat morning. I have...1 May
Thats the way I'm leaning. Its hard...26 Apr
Now that you link that one David it...18 Mar
I can only speak for myself but...28 Jan
I dream about finding a Golding in the...4 Jan
There is another one in Dr. Moriarty's...4 Jan
Glad you are OK and good luck! I 2nd...4 Jan
All great suggestions thank you! I'll...7 Oct
I picked a couple of those up a few...5 Oct
I have seen some odd press adds on...5 Oct