Looking for a new project press.

Hello Briar Press members,

For once all of the presses in the studio are in good working order, rebuilt, and refinished… now I’m bored. I’m in the market for a new fixer-upper press if anyone has one or knows of one. The poorer the condition and more unwanted by the owner the better but I do like them to have all the parts if possible.

My last two were rusty garage pulls I found on Craigslist but CL has been pretty dry in the Cleveland area for a while now. I’d like to stay within a few hours drive of Cleveland but could be game for a road trip for the right item.

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There was a nice Golding Pearl Oldstyle #3 posted on Briar yesterday that was in Ohio. Did you miss that one?


I snagged that one!

Great! That’s one heck of a press and had the original drawers, treadle, etc.!


Just stumbled on this Golden Jobber #7 in Albany:


The price is right!

I bought that one.

I have a 12x18” Old Style C&P and 8x12” New Style C&P that I could part with for cheap. They are all complete, just grungy and neglected.

They are in Alexandria, LA (71301)