repairing a break on a tabletop (Cook’s Victor)

This weekend, I purchased a Cook’s Victor tabletop. I have a CMC Superior to print on, but I’ve long been interested in the Victor, its wide rails, and its inking system and was excited to find one for reasonable money.

When I arrived to pick it up, the seller was hunched over the press and looking distraught. I feared the worst, and it turned out that he had broken the roller carriage while moving it. He has offered to refund my money and to have me return the press or to pay for its repair.

I’ve never had to have a press part welded or brazed, so I would be grateful for any advice on this matter. Would you be inclined to just return the press and save your money? (I’m not out a whole lot on the press, so I’d prefer to just get it working.) Is there a repair that would fully return this press to operational condition? If so, what questions do I ask of the machinists to ensure that they can satisfactorily manage this? What might one expect to pay for a repair like this done well?

I’ve attached pictures below to show you what I’m dealing with. The first picture shows my press, with its lever, disc, and chase removed for transportation. The break is at the back of the press on the near side of it. The second shows the break up close.

image: the Victor

the Victor

image: the break in the roller carriage

the break in the roller carriage

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Take the old girl to a fabricator welder and ask what he would be able to do for it ,because it is across the width there is a good chance it is do able with brazing or tig welding , its only bracing the arms together and if you are getting the price of seller its got to be worth trying .

take it to a commercial welding shop. i have had cast iron parts of a kluge, miehle vertical, and farmall cub tractor welded. all saw and are seeing heavy use with no problems.

I had a pully wheel on a C&P 10x15 snapped off at the spokes by movers and a welder nearby was able to fix it right up.

Yup. Fix it. I had a broken roller carriage assembly on a Golding Official and Lou Colveccio (in Rhode Island) had it welded/brazed and restored the press for me a few years ago. The repaired press works great and with a fresh paint job, the repair is not even noticeable.

Just be sure to show the press to your chosen welder first and find some one who has confidence that he can do it.

It may mean speaking to a few welders before you find the right guy, but this certainly can be - and should be - done. The Cook’s Victor is an excellent press and will give your Pilot a run for its money.