Ink plate pawl help

Does anyone have a photo or two of their ink plate pawl (C&P OS 8x12) off the press?

I have mine at a machine shop and the machinist is asking for photos to use as reference material to fix a couple issues.

The small metal plate at the bottom of the wedge has deteriorated, and the hole the screw fits into is at a very weird, oblonged shape.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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What you have found sounds about right. The original pawl became worn to the point it would no longer do its job. A piece of metal was screwed to the pawl to give it a new tip. That piece would wear away also. The elongated slot was to allow the screw to be loosened so the replacement tip could be advanced as required. If advancing it to the end of the slot does not allow proper function, yes, it is time for a new piece. As long as the screw threads in the pawl are good, it is a very simple replacement. A cast iron piece would be good as steel is harder than the cast iron of the ink disk and the softer metal wears the most. I suggest you have two pieces made of copper. You may never have to use the second piece. Hard copper if your machinist has it.
Brass might be better.

When I got my Kelsey Rotary Union Job Press about 40 years ago, someone had wired an old piece of brass rule to the ink disk pawl. It worked fine, and I never thought about changing it ‘til now. But it has held up well. Just a 6pt. brass rule held to the pawl with baling wire (good Iowa fix). Drilling and tapping a hole with a screw to hold the brass sounds like a real improvement. Maybe I’ll take a look at it again.

John Henry

Good contribution John. You add to the history of printing and show the resourcefulness of old printers.
You say, “Maybe I’ll take a look at it again.”
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
If you need a new piece of brass rule and some baling wire, I have them.
Beware of type lice.


inky and John, thank you very, very much!

I should elaborate a little, though.

The rivets, while loose, still hold the piece of iron in place, it’s just chipped away - and ultimately is a simple fix.

The hole I was referring is where the pawl connects to the lever arm, not on the head of the pawl. Where the screw would travel through the pawl, it’s a really odd oblonged shape. My apologies for not making that more clear!

Again, thank you so much for your help!

You may be able to drill out the hole and add a brass or bronze bushing sized to fit the pin or bolt. That would eliminate the oblong nature of the hole.

John Henry

Thank you, John!

Here ya go.

image: tn.jpg


image: securedownload.jpg