Big type, no space!

I know 72pt isnt big for most of you guys but how do I organize this font? It’s around 30 pounds and I don’t have a traditional cabinet. Any suggestions?
(Its Spartan Black 72)

image: photo 3.JPG

photo 3.JPG

image: photo 4.JPG

photo 4.JPG

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It might make sense just to galley it! Put a piece of reglet between each line so that you can keep it organized when you are using it.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

With 2,000+ fonts of handset type in my shop, I can tell you all about storing type!

I have 33 cabinets of type in cases, and ten galley cabinets, and a few miscellaneous other storage fixtures (letterboard cabinets, quarter case cabinets, etc.).

To save space the majority of larger body-size fonts (24 pt. and above) are stored on galleys. When I first started I did use reglets between the lines, but quickly ran out of reglet material. For the past few decades I have simply used strips of chipboard that I cut myself.

Generally, the larger sizes of type are not used to set long amounts of copy from (usually just heads and sub-heads) so it really doesn’t need to be laid out in a typecase and can be pulled character by character from the galley.


Galleys are cool, but just like job case drawers, they work best in a cabinet. You might look to score a drawer or two that you could stack somewhere like under your bed. For large type, I have a regular case divided in half with adjustable runners. Before I had a cabinet, I used a flat file. Before that, I stacked the cases in a corner.

Divided case.
In a flat file.

image: 2263743962_1d443e00d7.jpg


image: 2263743910_180445a072.jpg