Vibration-Damping Pads

Has anyone had any experience with putting vibration pads under a windmill? They make oil-resistant neoprene pads for heavy machinery to help sound proof and vibrating problems. They range from 1/8” to 1” thick and lots of different sizes to choose from. I’m hoping this will help my shop become less noisy.

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Interested to know if you tried this and if it helped with noise/vibration.


I don’t know if they will make a noisy machine quiet. But they did stop my Kluge from walking across the floor when I ran it at higher speeds.


I dont know really why you would need pads under a windmill unless you have something severely un oiled in there or well worn ! rubber horse stable matting if you can find it may work . however heidelberg platens want to rock back and forth so it would have to be extremely hard and that may then not serve the purpose as hard will carry the vibration / rumble anyway .

I haven’t purchased any pads yet, however I plan to in the near future. Since the shop is attached to the house (cement floor and walls), the noise which is mostly the bass sound is fairly loud even with a sound proof wall. I was told that most of the sound was from the vibration traveling through the cement floor.

I found a nitrile pad that has a square-cell design which is about 1/2” thick and come in 18” x 18”. But they talk about Load per Mounting Point (psi) and the press has one heavy duty mounting point which is about 500 sq. in.,so I have to make sure I find the right pad. And yes, I certainly don’t want any rocking action.
I’ve also thought about isolating the floor around each press but I think that might weaken the garage structure.

(This is a “make the wife happy” project, which is very important)

Windmills are meant to be leveled at the four corners of the base using cedar shim shingles or similar shims. Unless you are on the second floor and the floor is wood, there should not be any noise from the base of the machine. If there is, I’d check the floor. If this is a garage floor, there shoud be no appreciable noise from the base. If there is, there may be a void under the concrete and you are getting a drumhead effect.

I finally found the solution. I purchased these leveling mounts from Tech Products in OH. I installed them on my 13 x 18 windmill since that was the noisiest. WOW! What a difference! The bass sound is almost gone. I just have to work on the metal garage door area to help with the higher pitch sounds.

image: Press Mounts.jpg

Press Mounts.jpg

I like those mounts……..great idea