Scoring on 13x18 Windmill

Hey guys,

Im looking to do my first set of envelopes on my 13x18 Windmill. I have read around and saw that for the scoring you need to have something glued to down to your steel jacket for the score rules. Ive seen alot of people say they use matrix, no idea what that is though ? What is the best way you guys have found to set up for scoring and die cutting ?

Any help would be much appreciated


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it comes in a variety of depths and widths for diff stock.
supplier in the US;
they are very pleasant and helpful;
i would go with the “basic” series for your press.

Note that you will want to use a low (not type high) scoring rule in combination with this. The thicker the paper, the lower the rule. I would probably start out with .900 or .909 rule to start, and go from there. If you use type high rule in a combination (cut and rule combined) die, you’ll wind up cutting on your scores as well. No fun there.

Your die maker should have already made such allowances, depending on the information you have provided with the die-line.

Is the overall height of the creasing matrix, (to clear the Grippers) an issue.
On the Beat Up old Thompson Platen, (mine) being different format, it was not a problem.!!!
Just a thought, for the Good Buddy above, could he be advised, to place his Creasing Matrix straight onto the *naked* Platen, i.e. no cutting jacket,???

Thanks for all the replies, i found a supplier of creasing matrix locally finally. I was also wondering that mike because i dont think i would have enough clearance if i had my jacket on. Although i dont want to be cutting into the “naked” platen.

When setting matrix to platen . do not let it make a second cycle until you remove the locater strip(s) or the rotating feed arms will rip then off.

And which creasing matrix would you suggest in terms of thickness ? I will be creasing Envelopes on 120gsm paper. My jacket is 0.9mm or 0.035inches.

Paper weight has little to do with the matrix selection. It is based on thickness. Different manufacturers of matrix have their own colour codes. Ask the supplier.

I spoke to one of the suppliers and they suggested 1.4mm height, i thought it would be too high so he’s sending me a sample so ill give it a go but otherwise gotta find a different supplier because they dont stock thinner

1.4mm sounds like the matrix channel width, Kiss matrix is usually only 0.4 - 0.45mm thick(high)
You should not have a problem with kiss(mylar based matrix) on a Heidelberg platen
Everbody thinks that because type is .918” high that you need type high rule to cut. I do make .918 cut dies for people that want them but on my Heidelbergs I make the die .927 or .923 more room on the die jacket for matrix and a more balanced impression.
Google matrix and get a better understanding of what dimensions apply to what part of the matrix.

Thanks for the reply mike and the link above, i asked my die maker and he said they do make their dies just below type high. I will be sure to do some more research on the matrix

.918 is for printing on the surface of the stock. It makes sense then for cutting rule to be higher than .918 like .923 or .927 especially on cylinder presses where surface speeds are very important, matching the speed of cylinder surface to cutting edge of die that is moving back and forth on the bed.
Because most people think .918 is the correct height of cutting rule the law of supply and demand has made lots of rule variety based on .918 Perf rule that is .923 or .927 is very hard to find.
market beats math.

its nice with the matrix and simplyfies but you can glue a channel with thick paper stock on each side of the creaser on the steeljacket calibrating 1mm with a micrometer including the stock starting with pressure cero and increasing on demand .thats how i do it and always has been back in the days.there isnt much to it if you have a few extra minutes to spare.

Hey guys, tried my first set of envelopes, all went well, i got a sample of 0,45 mm x 1,3 mm matrix and it worked pretty good. Im going to ask to get a thinner channel next time though because the crease line is a bit too thick for the 120gsm paper.

Thanks for all the replies and help :)