pictures of a treadle in place

Hi Folks,
I’ve got a platen press and I’d like to make a treadle for it. I’ve sent an email to Hern Iron works and I’m waiting for them to reply but I’ve seen some photos of treadles that are nothing but a wooden board. That seems like it would be a lot less expensive to get started and I could worry about a nice restoration later.

Does anyone have plans for or pictures for a few different angles of how a treadle works?


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I have some pics of my home made treadle on my flickr stream here.

A treadle needs to pivot on a shaft on the back of the press. In the middle of the treadle there needs to be some way to attach to the bent eccentric in the main shaft. When you step down on the treadle, it rotates the main shaft.

Any material may be used. It only has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure to turn the main shaft.

There is a pretty good discussion of this topic in this thread.

image: 4962349946_f79091e33c.jpg


That’s a tremendous help!

I have a sketch and a photo of a treadle for a 12x18 C&P that was made of angle iron and 1/4 inch plate welded together. Not quite as ornamental as the original but it works fine. I can email them if you want.