Polymer Plate edge debossing


Im having some problems with polymers. The edges of the plate are debossing the paper, when I pull the impression off a bit this cures the problem but then I hardly get a deboss. would deep reliefe plates on a deep reliefe base help this problem? Im using 95mm plates on a standard boxcar base and the base is in the chase correctly. Am thinking I should just get the plates made larger than the stock im using or use crop marks if I cant get it to work.

Also the side guide on the heidelberg 10x15 seems to be denting the edge of the paper. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m running the press as slow as possible.

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If you can use a harder packing behind the stock when printing, you may be able to avoid some of the edge of the plate showing in the image. You also can cut the plate close to the image, which also helps avoid this. The relief of the plate surface to the backing of the plate needs to be more than the amount you hope to deboss the stock you are printing, or the backing will show.

The standard BoxCar plastic backed plate is .037” total thickness (.027” relief). If you switch to the deep relief plates, you will have an additional .018” of distance between the plate surface and the backing material, so it may well eliminate the crushing of the paper in the area of the plate edge. You will, however, have to adjust your ink roller height and packing to accomodate the extra thickness.