Kelsey 3 x 5 Roller dims

My wife and I recently acquired a Kelsey 3 x 5 from an estate sale. It came with trucks but no rollers. Does anyone know what the length of the roller and the length of the roller core should be?



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Roller cover length = ink disc diameter more or less, the same diameter as the trucks. Roller cores need to be just a little longer than the distance across the press between roller hooks, outside to outside. They’re usually a quarter of an inch or so more than that. Core diameter is very slightly smaller than the gap inside the hooks and the same as the ID of the trucks. Some, but not all, Kelsey cores have pinched-up “keys” to engage the trucks and lock them to the core so they drive the rollers positively.


I have all new ones with out trucks 120.00 128.50 with trucks. free 2-3 day priorty mail shipping on here your stock truck will work if it is 7/8 inch and hold a 3/8 core.

image: rollers.jpg