How should I organize all this… stuff?

Can you all post some pictures of how things should be organized? Maybe some captions too, for beginners?

I have a bucket of slugs, I think. I don’t know how to organize them in a useful way. Is there a rack I can build or is this bucket they came in actually the pro way to go? Maybe a tray or an unused type drawer?

What about leading? Do you put it all in one rack by length, regardless of thickness? Two racks? Is “rack” even the right word?

I also have a bunch of decorative borders. Right now they are lined up in a box by size. How do you guys do it? By size? By pattern? By size & pattern?

Sorry if these question seem trivial, but there’s just so much to organize and I seem to be stumbling in the organization starting block.

Thanks for your guidance, oh learn-ed wise ones.

: D

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There are such things as lead & slug racks, as well as furniture racks. Don’t have any good suggestions on strip borders…

image: racks.png


Hey, that’s great! Thanks.
Now can you tell me what they are holding?

image: racks.png



Since you asked:

1. Wooden Furniture
2. Lightweight metal furniture
3. Wooden Reglet
4. Leads & Slugs
5. Very large lightweight metal furniture (for a proof press)

Wood furniture is typically preferred for platen presses, I use the metal for my Vandercook.

Bill has stolen my setup, except i store my leads and slugs on galleys, some banks of type had lead and slug storage across the top which is a great way to keep them.

@dickg - I used to have my leads & slugs in a similar setup, but have found that the small rack easier to use and it takes up less space. Galleys are good to store borders, etc., but not as easy to find what you want.

Incidentally - this setup is temporary - I just moved from MA to CO about 4 months ago, and will be moving again in a bit more than a year. So I get to organize everything again - what fun…

i’ll try to post a picture of my stone later, it looks like yours except much more messy, i have trouble keeping it clean.

hope this works

someday i’ll get the hang of this

Thanks Bill & Dick.That is very helpful.

The racks I have are very dusty and mildewy. Any suggestions for how to clean them up? Particularly in the deepest slots. (I think a mouse had been a previous tenant, so it’s not just dust.) I imagine hosing them down is not the best solution.

If the racks are empty just dump them out and if you have a compressor blow them out. Wooden racks i usually wipe down and use a rag with a little motor oil on it to wipe again. You could use a furniture polish on the wood. Dick G.